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Pietas Hallensis: being an historical narration of the wonderful footsteps
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Pietas Hallensis: Being an Historical Narration Of the wonderful FOOT-STEPS OF Divine Providence In Erecting, Carrying on, and Building the Orphan-House, And other charitable Institutions, at Glaucha near Hall in Saxony, Without any visible FUND to support it. By Augustus Hermannus Franck; Professor of Divinity in the Frederician University of Hall, Pastor of Glaucha, and Director of the Pious Foundations there. Continued to the beginning of the Year MDCCII, In a Letter to a Friend. And an APPENDIX giving a more clear and full View of the Progress of Learning and Christian Piety, both in the said University, and in the Royal Collegiate Schools. To which is added Several Considerable Papers relating to this WORK, Written by the King of PRUSSIA. LONDON, Printed by J. Downing, for R. Burrough at the Sun and Moon in Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange, 1705
Die Fußstapfen des noch lebenden und waltenden liebreichen und getreuen Gottes <engl.>
VerfasserFrancke, August Hermann
ÜbersetzerBöhme, Anton Wilhelm
ErschienenLondon : Burrough, R. ; London : Downing, Joseph, 1705
Umfang / Format[1], [8], XLVIII, 240 S. ; 4°
Diese Ausgabe weicht im Erscheinungsvermerk von der zweiten Ausgabe ab. Es heißt hier "J. Downing" statt "Joseph Downing".
BestandsnachweiseBirmingham, Central L.: LLA094/1705/3 Thomas Bray Library
Durham, Univ. L.: Routh 57.G.34