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    Mather, Cotton ; Green, Bartholomew
    Bostonut : Printeunap nashpe B. Green, 1714
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    Giving them A Short Account, of what the English Desire them to Know and to Do ; In order to their Happiness
    Mather, Cotton ; Green, Bartholomew ; Bromfield, Edward
    The Second Edition, Boston : Printed by Bartholomew Green, 1706
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    A Sermon Preached in the Time of the Storm ; Wherein many and heavy and unknown Losses were Suffered at Boston, (and Parts Adjacent,) Febr. 24. 1722-3.
    Mather, Cotton ; Kneeland, Samuel
    Boston: N. E. : Printed by S. Kneeland, MDCCXXIII
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    A Brief Essay upon the Miracle of our Saviour Walking upon the Water ; With Admonitions of Piety, Profitable to All ... Ps. 77, 19. ...
    Mather, Cotton ; Kneeland, Samuel
    Boston : Printed by S. Kneeland, MDCCXXIII
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    A sermon, offer'd unto the Anniversary Convention of Ministers, From several Parts of New-England, Met at Boston, 31 d. III m. 1722
    Mather, Cotton
    Boston : [Verlag nicht ermittelbar], 1722
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    Tu Kyriu kai Sōtēros hēmōn Iēsu Christu ; Metaphrastheisa Pro Chronōn hikanōn eis pezēn phrasin dia tēn koinēn ōpheleian tōn Christianōn, para tu en hieromonachois Maximu tu Kalliupolitu, Kai nyn authis typotheisa diōrthōtei Serapheim hieromonachu tu Mitylēnaiu
    Motte, Benjamin
    En Londinē : Mottaios, 1703
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