The bio-bibliographical register referring to the Archive of the Francke Foundations

The bio-bibliographical register, which was developed within the scope of various cataloguing projects supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) at present comprises about 73,000 names. To begin with, 100 persones were selected from this inventory, who are fundamental for the interpretation of August Hermann Francke's journals. The main focus was on noblemen of the reigning class, members of the University of Halle, important co-operaters of Francke in the Glaucha institutions and missionaries and co-operaters of the Danish-Halle Mission. It is planned to successively include all names into the Digital Collections.

With this aim, a minimum standard was defined which orients on the „Regeln zur Erschließung von Nachlässen und Autographen (Rules for cataloguing estates and autographs), Berlin 1997 (RNA)“ and the "Gemeinsamen Normdatei" (Common authority file) (GND) of the German National Library. Thus, an entry comprises at the minimum:

  • the name of the person in normalized format (first names may be missing if not ascertainable)
  • the dates of birth and / or death or period of activity
  • the gender
  • information about working or living places and activities

In addition, a detailed biography can include some or all of the following information:

  • divergent forms of the name
  • name of birth
  • place of birth
  • place of death
  • a short biography with additional data, activities and places
  • family relations
  • references used for the research of biographical data
  • remarks
  • number in the Common authority file (GND)


Requesting your cooperation

The data contained in the biographies make no claims of being complete. On the contrary, the short biographies should be considered as an open project, which is to be continued by additional information and corrections. Therefore we are grateful for any information not included in the bio-bibliographical register. Please contact the archivist Dr. Jürgen Gröschl

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