Transcribed Letters

Transcriptions of selected letters of August Hermann Francke are be made available here. On the one hand, these were created by selected scholars with the help of an online editor; on the other, they were copied from transcriptions published in book form, such as Francke’s "Reisebriefe" to his wife Anna Magdalena Francke dating from 1717-18 that were published by Gustav Kramer in 1875 (cf. Neue Beiträge zur Geschichte August Hermann Franckes. Ed. by Gustav Kramer. Halle 1875, pp. 40-61) or Franckes letters to Carl Hildebrand von Canstein, published by Peter Schicketanz (cf. Der Briefwechsel Carl Hildebrand von Cansteins mit August Hermann Francke. Ed. by Peter Schicketanz. Berlin [u.a.], de Gruyter, 1972 (= Texte zur Geschichte des Pietismus, 3, 1).

Digital provisions

The transcribed letters are presented in the Portal along with the associated digital versions in a synoptic format and are searchable with the help of keywords. In a follow-up project potentially all letters by August Hermann Francke should be transcribed and textually edited.

Note for your search

Please note, that for technical reasons an overall full text research in the transcriptions of the letters is only possible in the module "Episolary". In contrast, the sub-collection "Transcribed Letters" only allows a full text research in a single document.

Requesting your cooperation

Any information about possible errors in the transcriptions would be appreciated. Please contact Dr. Jürgen Gröschl.

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