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Three practical discourses
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Three Practical DISCOURSES: I. Of the Love of GOD. II. Of Charity to the Poor. II. Of the differing Degrees of Glory. By August. Herman. Franck [!], Minister in the City of Hall, and Director of the pious Foundations there. Done into English from the High-Dutch. LONDON: Printed and Sold by Joseph Downing, in Bartholomew-Close near West-Smithfield. 1716
VerfasserFrancke, August Hermann
ÜbersetzerBöhme, Anton Wilhelm
ErschienenLondon : Downing, Joseph ; London : Downing, Joseph, 1716
Umfang / FormatV, 7-104, [4] S. ; 12°
Übersetzung von Anton Wilhelm Böhme.
BestandsnachweiseHalle, BFSt: MISS:H 121
London, Brit. L.: 1606/162(4)
London, Dr. William's L.: 1075.P.24(4) [und 1 weiteres Ex.]
London, National Trust: Swindon
Oxford, Univ., Regent's Park College L.: Angus Abing 113[d]
Download Three Practical DISCOURSES I Of the Love of GOD II Of Charity to the Poor II Of [31,89 mb]