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A Trumpet sounded out of the wilderness of America, by Dan. Leeds 699
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Libri Peregrini Idiomatis (Bücher in fremden Sprachen) 12°393, S. 188
A trumpet sounded out of the wilderness of America : which may serve as a warning to the government and people of England to beware of Quakerisme. Wherein is shewed the great contradictions of the Quakers, both in their former and later writings. Also how they deny Jesus of Nazareth to be the Christ. And how in Pensilvania and there-away, where they have the government in their own hands, they hire and encourage men to fight; and how they persecute, fine, imprison, and take away goods for conscience sake. Notwithstanding they formerly exclaimed against the government of England, &c. for the same things. Setting forth likewise these base temporizing with whatever government is uppermost, &c / By Daniel Leeds
AuthorLeeds, Daniel
PublishedNew York [u.a.] : Bradford [u.a.], 1699
Pagination / Format[14], 151, [1] S. ; 12°
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