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Bonifacius. An essay upon the Good, Boston in N. Engl. 710
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Libri Peregrini Idiomatis (Bücher in fremden Sprachen) 8°239, S. 176
Bonifacius : An essay upon the good, that is to be devised and designed, by those who desire to answer the great end of life, and to do good while they live. A book offered, first, in general, unto all Christians, in a personal capacity, or in a relative. Then more particularly, unto ministers, unto physicians, unto lawyers, unto scholemasters [sic], unto wealthy gentlemen, unto several sorts of officers, unto churches, and unto all societies of a religious character and intention. With humble proposals, of unexceptionable methods, to do good in the world.
AuthorMather, Cotton
PublishedBoston : Gerrish, 1710
Pagination / Format[2], xviii, 19-206 S. ; 8°
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