3. Journal Inserts

August Hermann Francke used his journals not merely to document his work and daily routine. They also served him also as a kind of memory aid, or as a registry of incoming and outgoing letters, preparing the way for the permanent archival storage of these documents. He earmarked in the journal which documents should be added as supplements. These included letters addressed to him or drafts and copies of letters written by him, concepts of his sermons and lectures as well as other documents related to the daily routine at the Foundations, especially concerning school, mission and publishing matters.

Not all supplements noted by Francke in the margins of his journals have been preserved. At present the Archive holds an unspecified number of letters comprising later compiled omnibus volumes. On the other hand, documents are now filed as journal inserts which Francke did not earmark, albeit they were referred to in the journal. Moreover, documents not mentioned in the journal, are nevertheless related to it. Finally, documents obviously of a later date and with no relation to the journal have been placed among the journal inserts.

All journal inserts are catalogued, indexed and presented in digital format. Hyperlinks leading to the digitised inserts with their cataloguing information are inserted into the full text of the journal. This extra service significally expands the understanding of Franke’s work and the "comments" in the journals.

Notes on Display

All letters addressed to August Hermann Francke are primarily allocated to the module “Epistolary.” Whenever such letters are included in the journal inserts, they are displayed in the module “Journal Inserts”. Francke’s travel accounts are displayed in the module “Journals and Egodocuments”, because a transcription had been added.

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