Historical Books Directories

Here handwritten and printed books directories from the Francke Foundations’ Archive and Library are presented in digital format.

Book inventories

The book inventories, which are preserved as manuscripts, list the titles of the private libraries of Paul Anton (1661-1730), Friedrich Breckling (1629-1730), Justus Lüders (ca. 1656-1708), Johann Friedrich Ruopp (1672-1708) and Heinrich Milde (1667-1739). These theologians bequeathed their private libraries to the Library of the Halle Orphanage. The inventories were analysed in the context of a DFG-funded project entitled “Reconstruction, Cataloguing and Provenance Codification of Pietist Libraries.” After a close examination the reconstructed titles were recorded in the catalogue of the Common Library Network (Gemeinsame Bibliotheksverbund, GBV) as “RAK Alte Drucke” (Old Prints) in accordance with standards developed by the Working Group Alte Drucke. The local records indicate the provenance of the books as based on the Recommendations for Provenance Codification issued by the GBV’s Working Group Alte Drucke. The catalogue of the books from the collection of Carl Hildebrand von Canstein (1667-1719) was excluded from digitisation due to its volume (more than 1,000 pages). The titles of the books no longer available in the library collection of the Francke Foundations (11%) were recorded in a separate database: URL:

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Catalogues of school libraries

From the eighteenth century on, libraries were part of the Francke Foundations’ schools. Printed directories from several of these school libraries are available from the nineteenth century on. They are presented here in a digital format.

Cataogues of publishers und booksellers

Catalogues of the publishing house of the orphanage's bookstore and the Canstein Bible Instituteare primarily presented in digital format.

If you have any questions concerning the historical books directories, please contact the head of the August Hermann Francke Study Centre, Dr. Britta Klosterberg, E-mail: klosterberg-Irgendwas-(at)francke-halle.de