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A letter to a friend concerning the most useful way of preaching
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A LETTER To a FRIEND Concerning the most useful WAY of PREACHING. Written in the German Language by the late Reverend and Celebrated Dr. AUGUSTUS HERMANNUS FRANCK, Professor of Divinity in the University of Hall in Saxony, Pastor of a Church, and Director of the charitable FOUNDATIONS there. Translated into Latin by Order of his SON, the present Professor FRANCK, out of the Latin into English by DAVID JENNINGS. LONDON: Printed in the YEAR MDCCXXXVI
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VerfasserFrancke, August Hermann
ÜbersetzerJennings, David
ErschienenLondon : Hett, Richard, 1736
Umfang / Format12°
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BestandsnachweiseHalle, BFSt: 43 G 28
London, Brit. L.: RB.23a.1248(1)
London, Dr. Williams Library: 3005.C.15
Oxford, Univ., Manchester College L.: Y1736/15
Washington, DC, LOC: F67.M427